Three Outfits Featuring the Min Crossbody

Your outfit is killer, and you are ready to slay, but—wait—none of your bags seem to match your outfit. You’re stuck with the problem of having to scrap a great outfit or carry a bag that doesn’t complete your look. Here at Mei Li, we designed our Min crossbody to go with multiple outfits, for multiple occasions. We wanted to create a bag that could match any outfit, eliminating that awful moment of having choose.

Don’t just take our word for it, here are three different outfits all featuring the Min, proving it can easily match whatever that day, and your busy life, brings.            


1.     The Brunch Babe


A great way to style your Min for a day out is to go with a relaxed style that transitions from a morning of running errands to having brunch with your besties. The lose off the shoulder top helps you comfortably accomplish all your morning tasks, while the white jeans make you standout. To complete the look, add some layers of jewelry to elevate the outfit and make it a little more personal. For this example, we went with multiple necklaces to add a little bit of boho flair. Last, but not least, don’t forget your sunglasses!


2.     The Midday Maven


It’s the middle of day and you need an outfit that says: “daytime functionality, with just a little bit of evening edge”. To achieve this, look no further than the classic top and jeans combination. By pairing a classic high-waisted blue jean with a simple white crop top, you get a look that is both form-flattering while still staying in the “daytime” category. This simple look is great for mid-afternoon plans like a late lunch or a picnic in the park, what makes it even better is that it seamlessly transitions into the perfect outfit for drinks or a casual dinner. To really pull this outfit together, we went with the red Min bag that helps to add color and brighten the look.

3.     The Edgy Enchantress


You already have the Min crossbody for an evening out, so now all you need is the outfit. We went for was the classic night on the town look, with a slightly edgier vibe. Right now, leather jackets are one of the staple pieces of any fashionable woman’s wardrobe, and when paired with a low-key black top, it allows the jacket to become the star of the show. For this look, you can wear either a skirt or pants, though we recommend a classic dark denim jean to help provide fabric AND color contrast with the jacket. Lastly, make sure to accessorize with some jewelry that helps to add to the metal detailing of jacket, while making you look extra put together.

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Fun in The Sun

MEI LI Takes San Deigo

    Often, the job of posting to social media and running the Mei Li Instagram may look glamorous and fun, but more often than not, it is actually a lot of planning where to go and what to do. On the outside, it may seem like we here at Mei Li are always living a fun and fashionable life, but like many people we are still suckered in to writing emails and staying at our desks.

    Lucky for me, every now and then, I am able travel (hooray!) to go work with wonderful models and photographers to bring our collections to life. It definitely makes all those days spent planning and emailing worth it. Last week, I had the pleasure of traveling to San Diego! It was so much fun to explore a new city while taking photos for our new SOMA collection.

    Bellow, are some of the shots. Enjoy!




Asian Designers & Fashion: Why Diversity in Fashion is Beneficial for Everyone Involved

Asian Designers & Fashion: Why Diversity in Fashion is Beneficial for Everyone Involved

As we head into 2018, the world is experiencing a cultural and diversity awareness that is sweeping through every nation. From the United States to nations in Europe and Asia, more individuals are becoming aware of the benefits of inserting diversification into industries that were previously all-white. Fashion, namely, is one of those industries that is opening the doors up to diverse designers, models, and art, with a special emphasis on Asian fashion and influence in our world today.