Fun in The Sun

MEI LI Takes San Deigo

    Often, the job of posting to social media and running the Mei Li Instagram may look glamorous and fun, but more often than not, it is actually a lot of planning where to go and what to do. On the outside, it may seem like we here at Mei Li are always living a fun and fashionable life, but like many people we are still suckered in to writing emails and staying at our desks.

    Lucky for me, every now and then, I am able travel (hooray!) to go work with wonderful models and photographers to bring our collections to life. It definitely makes all those days spent planning and emailing worth it. Last week, I had the pleasure of traveling to San Diego! It was so much fun to explore a new city while taking photos for our new SOMA collection.

    Bellow, are some of the shots. Enjoy!