Asian Designers & Fashion: Why Diversity in Fashion is Beneficial for Everyone Involved

As we head into 2018, the world is experiencing a cultural and diversity awareness that is sweeping through every nation. From the United States to nations in Europe and Asia, more individuals are becoming aware of the benefits of inserting diversification into industries that were previously all-white. Fashion, namely, is one of those industries that is opening the doors up to diverse designers, models, and art, with a special emphasis on Asian fashion and influence in our world today. Though Asian cultures and heritages have influenced our world since the beginning of time, industry leaders are finally starting to recognize the influence and showcase it more in handbag designs, runway looks, and accessories.


Asian Designers

Asia-Pacific has been established as one of the most important regions for global fashion business right now, and according to McKinsey Fashion-Scope, the region is projected to account for almost 40 percent of global apparel and footwear sales this year alone. Additionally, the Asian online apparel market by itself is expected to be valued at $1.4 trillion by 2020. Asian is a fashion powerhouse, and it’s impossible for the world not to notice. Now is the perfect time to embrace our Asian heritage as it continues to shape the designer and fashion scene that we know and respect today.


Allowing Asian influences and models to integrate into the fashion industry presents a variety of cultural benefits, including:

  1. Innovation: Asia is seen as the source of technology innovations in the world right now. The region boasts two-thirds of the world’s 45 eCommerce giants, transcending their love affair with technology into their fashion designs. This futuristic take on style is influencing the fashion industry in a way that previous designers weren’t able to do.
  2. Historical Influences: Asia is one of the first regions of the world to have recorded living societies with artistic and cultural expressions. These traditions have been carried down through centuries, and can be seen in the ornate designs, bright colors, and fine detailed styles popular in Asian fashion. Working with these designers brings a whole new element to historical fashion.
  3. Body Confidence: For the Asian boys and girls growing up in Western society today, it’s incredibly positive for them to see people who look like them up on runways, on beauty magazines, and in fashion articles. Identity politics has been psychology proven, and provides these boys and girls with a self-confidence that will carry them throughout their lives.


Asian Fashion Diversity for 2018

This year, more Asian brands than ever before will grace the international fashion scene, with Gentle Monster from Korea attracting investment from LVMH-backed firm L Catterton Asia, and Anita Dongre, an Indian brand, receiving backing from the General Atlantic. New York City is expecting dozens of Asian fashion influenced stores to open their doors, with more designers from Korea, India China, and Japan showcasing their wares at fashion weeks in the Western world.


We aren’t able to build upon the cultures and unique heritages of our world if we don’t enable key players to enter the market. As a handbag company ourselves, we are thrilled to incorporate Asian fashion influences into our designs. Embracing this critically historical heritage as a company will enable us to connect with Asian inspiration, design, and aesthetics moving forward, adding a robust diversity to our everyday operation. Through our Asian heritage, our available collections will represent a cultural depth that speaks for itself.


We look forward to seeing what these Asian powerhouse fashion and trendy designers will do this year.