Three Ways to Keep Your Leather Handbag Looking Great


You love your handbag. It’s a constant companion that helps you throughout the day, but often those daily tasks can create wear-and-tear that ages and destroys your bag. Here at Mei Li, we believe in protecting and preserving your bag, so you don’t have to waste time, and money, getting a new one.

Here are so of our favorite tips for keeping your handbag looking good for years to come.

1.     Clean, clean, clean (and condition too!)


There is nothing better than that feeling when you wash your hair. That moment where you suddenly just feel clean, and your whole life seems better. It is easy to remember to wash your hair, but few people know that giving your handbag a “bath” is just as important!

When I say bath, what I really mean is taking the time to use a gentle wash cloth and leather cleaner to help remove the everyday build-up on your bag. After you have wiped down your bag, make sure to use some leather conditioner. The addition of conditioner adds a luxurious hydrated look that will keep your leather looking great no matter what season it is!

2.     No rainy days please


Singing in the Rain is a great movie-musical, but it is not something you want to do with your bag. One of the best things you can do it keep your bag out of water. Just make sure you avoid heading to the beach with your bag, and if it rains, try to find some cover till the shower passes. Another helpful thing to do is to check the weather before you head outside, if there is a chance of rain—you might want to use your re-useable fabric/nylon tote instead of your leather handbag.

3.     Store like a fine wine


Wine is best stored in dark, cool places—the same can be said for your handbag! Make sure you use the dust bag that your bag came in and store in a place that does not get a lot of sunlight like a closet or under your bed. By storing your bag this way, it helps to prevent it from accumulating dust or being damaged by long-term sunlight exposure. This keeps your bag looking great for years to come. For extra-incredible results, make sure to use tissue paper, or old t-shirts, to “stuff” your bag so that it retains its shaped while being stored.

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